UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Finland

UPM – The Biofore Company, Finland
UPM – The Biofore Company, Finland

UPM – The Biofore Company leads the integration of bio- and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. We develop new innovative businesses, one example being our high quality nanocellulose hydrogels which have been developed specifically to support research in the biomedical field.

UPM Biomedicals currently serves both the Life Science and Clinical research sectors. Our ready to use animal free hydrogels, GrowDex® range, mimic the extra cellular matrix enabling 3D cell culture and organoid formation to be achieved simply. Room temperature handling and no gelation/cross-linking phase allows our gels to support a wide range of 3D cell culture techniques and biomedical applications. The thixotropic nature of GrowDex allows it to be dispensed easily for use in automated high throughput drug screening assays or into the channels of a microfluidic or organ-on-a-chip device where it is able to retaining its structure and excellent diffusion properties . Personalized medicine, drug delivery and tissue engineering are also important focus areas for UPM Biomedicals.

At UPM, we see responsibility as a requirement for long-term value creation and live by our values – trust and be trusted, achieve together, renew with Courage.

In contribution to the EUROoC project, UPM is hosting secondments offering the possibility to learn about innovative wood-based materials to be used in organ-on-a-chip and microfluidic devices.
For more information and scientific publications, please visit https://www.upmbiomedicals.com/