Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies, The Netherlands

hDMT, The Netherlands
hDMT, The Netherlands

The Institute for human organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT), established in 2015, is a pre-competitive, non-profit technological Consortium of 16 partner organizations with renowned scientists from different backgrounds. The affiliated researchers share their knowledge, expertise and facilities to develop and implement Organ-on-Chip models by integrating state-of-the-art human stem cell technologies and top-level engineering with a wide variety of other expertise. hDMT’s researchers work at academic research institutions, university medical centers and biotech/pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands. Current partners of hDMT are: Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Erasmus University Medical Center, Hubrecht Institute, Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Center, Maastricht University Medical Center, TNO, University of Twente, Wageningen University and Research, Radboud university medical center, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Amsterdam University Medical Center, Galapagos and Genmab. hDMT makes use of the infrastructure of the partners, which refer to hDMT as ‘a laboratory without walls’.
hDMT’s objectives are to develop human organ and disease models that closely mimic healthy and diseased human tissues and organs, through Organ-on-Chip Technology, and enable valorization and implementation of these models and make them available to interested users for all kind of applications by open access publication. In 2017 NOCI (Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative) was granted, being an enormous impulse for the Dutch Organ-on-Chip research.
hDMT is partner in ORCHID (Organ-on-Chip In Development), a Horizon 2020 project that aims to develop an Organ-on-Chip roadmap and build an Organ-on-Chip network in Europe. In the context of ORCHID the European Organ-on-Chip Society was launched on 8 November 2018 during the International Organ-on-Chip Symposium (IOOCS18) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij is managing director of hDMT. In the EUROoC project she is member of the Advisory Board and of the Outreach Committee.