Name: Günes Sinan Gürel

Host Organisation: Jena University Hospital, Germany

INSPIRE Lab (PI: Dr. Alexander Mosig)

Project Title: Emulation of the human gut in an integrated microfluidic organ-on-chip platform for investigation of human microbiome host interactions.

  1. Bioengineering of adult stem cell-derived tissues emulating organotypic microphysiological conditions of the human gut;
  2. Establish a physiological model of the human microbiome colonizing the gut-on-chip model;
  3. Study physiological host-microbiome interactions at the cellular level as well as pathophysiological alterations of these mechanisms in the context of human dysbiosis and infection;
  4. Integrate synthetic hydrogels with defined physicochemical properties and optical oxygen sensing inside the gut-on-chip device.
  • University of Luxembourg, 2 months
  • Graz University of Technology, 1 month

Günes Gürel is currently a PhD fellow at the Center for Sepsis Control and Care at Jena University Hospital in Germany. He works under the supervision of PD. Dr. Alexander S. Mosig. Prior to his enrolment as ESR5 in 2021, Günes graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. After 3-year engineering experience in industry, Günes moved on to a different career path and got his MSc. degree in Bioengineering at the University of Iceland in 2020. He worked with several research groups at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen where  he also wrote his masters thesis about multi-drug resistance optimization driven by mutations in regulatory genes of gut microbiome and at the Koc University in Istanbul for photoelectric stimulation for axonal regeneration with quantum-dot-based retinal implants project.