New Paper Published on the study of metabolism using multi-organ chips

Our project partners from the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen (NMI) and Jena University Hospital (JUH) have published a paper on the “Studying metabolism with multi-organ chips: new tools for disease modelling, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics”.

Non-clinical models to study metabolism including animal models and cell assays are often limited in terms of species translatability and predictability of human biology. This field urgently requires a push towards more physiologically accurate recapitulations of drug interactions and disease progression in the body. Multi-organ chips (MOCs) are an emerging technology that is well suited to providing a species-specific platform to study the various types of metabolism by recreating organ-level function. This review provides a resource for scientists aiming to study human metabolism by providing an overview of MOCs recapitulating aspects of metabolism, by addressing the technical aspects of MOC development and by providing guidelines for correlation with in silico models. Read more here.