ESR Workshop CV Writing & Interviewing Techniques

On 4 April the ESRs attended the virtual workshop about “CV Writing & Interviewing Techniques” by Matthias Nagel. They learned how to make their CV stand out by giving a personal touch to the layout and how to use professional online profiles to support the CV. Additionally, they were introduced to several websites that could help them understand the company’s reputation, and the candidate’s market value (i.e. Glassdoor, Stepstone etc.). In the second half of the workshop, experienced principal investigators and recruiters from the ITN network conducted a panel discussion to elaborate on what they looked for during interviews and in candidates’ resumés. The ESRs found it particularly useful, as an exercise, to review each other CVs in order to gain a new perspective and to improve their CV format. As the last training workshop of the ITN, we hope that the ESRs can confidently progress towards their next steps in academia or industry.