New Paper Published on Emulating the gut–liver axis

Our project partners, the University of Luxembourg (UL) and the Jena University Hospital (JUH), have published a paper on the “Emulating the gut–liver axis: Dissecting the microbiome’s effect on drug metabolism using multiorgan-on-chip models”.

The homeostatic relationship between the gut, its microbiome, and the liver is crucial for the regulation of drug metabolism processes. Modeling the highly variable luminal gut environment and understanding how gut microbes can modulate drug availability or induce liver toxicity remains a challenge. However, microfluidics-based technologies such as organ-on-chips could overcome current challenges in drug toxicity assessment assays because these technologies are able to better recapitulate complex human responses. Read more (LINK).

M. Lucchetti, M. Kaminska, A. Kehinde Oluwasegun,Alexander S. Mosig, P. Wilmes.
Emulating the gut–liver axis: Dissecting the microbiome’s effecton drug metabolism using multiorgan-on-chip models.
Publication: Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research, 2021, 18:94–101.